Monday, November 2, 2009

"Smokin' Bass Player"

This is from a photograph that I took of Darrell (a.k.a. "Panama" from the bands that he played in locally) playing his bass. It was during one of their jam sessions and Kevin's home. We were living in Culpeper, VA at the time when he decided he wanted to be in a band after many years of not being in one. He finally hooked up with some guys, Barry, Eugene, Kevin and Russell. They called themselves The Lawrence Creek Band.

They were starting to sound pretty good until Darrell was feeling himself getting sick and had to quit the band. He got sick and wound up in the hospital for over a month. We couldn't afford to stay there so we moved back home to Ringgold.

I'm glad we moved back home but, I wish I could have seen him perform on stage. He's plays the bass extremely well.

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