Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day in the Life of James and Taz O'Dell

I got the idea for this painting from an old family photograph. These are my two uncles strolling down the drive. Going where, who knows.

My Rendition of Paul Cezanne

I painted this from a challenge group on idrawandpaint.com. It's a copy of a Paul Cezanne done in watercolor.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Nice Spot for a Picnic"

This painting is from another photo I took while flagging. I remember this day, it was really hot and humid. I've always love this spot it has a wonderful view of the mountains even though you can't see them in this painting. I can just imagine having a nice log cabin with a tin roof and a nice sized front porch. To be able to sit outside and breath in the fresh air and look at what god has provided us with. (If what they say is true, that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then God's eyes must truly be beauty).

"Roots of Rock Castle Creek"

This is from a photo I took during a pee break while flagging for VDOT. That's the price you pay for working outside. No luxuries, some people might think this is bad, using the bathroom outside but, when you have to go and there is no bathroom around for miles you just go where you can.

I enjoyed my days of flagging I seen many beautiful places and things. Patrick County in Virginia is loaded with them, ( I just wish I had had a camera with me for all of the years I worked on the road). The people there just have that down home goodness about them. I'm going there next week to get me some of the best apple butter I've ever tasted. Compliments to the Woolwine Fire and Rescue.

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Saturday Afternoon Sketch of Darrell"

This is a colored pencil sketch of the best man alive, Darrell. It is not for sale so I won't go into details about it.

"Smokin' Bass Player"

This is from a photograph that I took of Darrell (a.k.a. "Panama" from the bands that he played in locally) playing his bass. It was during one of their jam sessions and Kevin's home. We were living in Culpeper, VA at the time when he decided he wanted to be in a band after many years of not being in one. He finally hooked up with some guys, Barry, Eugene, Kevin and Russell. They called themselves The Lawrence Creek Band.

They were starting to sound pretty good until Darrell was feeling himself getting sick and had to quit the band. He got sick and wound up in the hospital for over a month. We couldn't afford to stay there so we moved back home to Ringgold.

I'm glad we moved back home but, I wish I could have seen him perform on stage. He's plays the bass extremely well.

"Going Home"

This horse is on his way home from a day frolicking with his playmate all day. He has to cross the lake everyday just to have a little fun. Tonight he is guided by the full moon as he makes his way back home. I'm sure he enjoyed his day.

This painting is not for sale

"The Green Sea"

This was my first attempt at painting the ocean, sea. It remained in my port folio for a long time until I decided to change pictures in a frame where this now rests.

It looks like a storm is coming, the sea is choppy. The wind is starting to pick up speed and the birds are having a hard time navigating through the up and down drafts. Maybe the storm will last a long time or maybe it'll be short lived.

"Barn with Buckboard"

This is a painting that was done long ago. It is not for sale.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I got the idea for this painting from some little metal cars that my son got for Christmas one year (wonder if he still has them). Made a sketch of one of them, transferred it to the paper and drew the old farm house.

It makes me think of days gone by, wondering who rode in the car and lived in the house. What their life was like. Were they happy? Probably so, life seemed to be much simpler back then than it is now. Family meant a lot, you knew who your neighbors were. Not much crime, you made the best of what you had.